Hi, I’m Adrian. 

I am a freelance Art Director and Designer with working across disciplines from industrial design, to motion graphics design and animation.

I aspire to approach designing by understanding the narrative and user needs, pushing the boundaries of concepts and creating meaningful designs whilst keeping technology at the forefront of production, as well as visualising complex ideas in impactful and emotional ways. My natural curiosity often leads to a desire to learn more and be as prolific as I can. Being a highly motivated worker, I am constantly aiming to expand my knowledge and skills in order to approach tasks through innovative methods. I am particularly interested in storytelling through design.

Past clients include: Nike, LG, Foster & Partners, BT,  Illenium, Janet Jackson and more.

BA Industrial Design & Technology, Loughborough University 2016-2020, First Class Honours with Diploma in Professional Studies.

Optional Modules: Electronics and mechanics, UX.
Dissertation: An Investigation Into The Relationship Between Real-time Rendering and The Future of Immersive Visual Experiences.

LAYER- Junior Industrial designer
23RDC- Industrial & Motion Graphics Designer. 
Wonder Vision- 3D Artist (Intern), Architectural & Product Visualisation.

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