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A revolutionary hardware wallet that allows users to securely store, access, and send crypto currency and NFTs.

LAYER collaborated with leading crypto brand Ledger and renowned entrepreneur Tony Fadell to create Ledger Stax. The defining feature of the credit-card-sized Ledger Stax is the innovative and sustainable e-ink touchscreen that curves around the front face and spine of the device to elevate the user experience.

The name “Ledger Stax” comes from the ability to magnetically stack the devices, as you would stack physical currency or conventional ledger books. This gives users the ability to store and organise different portfolios on separate devices. The energy efficient screen also creates a clear visual interface and a more personalised experience, with the option to display photographs or NFTs on the lockscreen.

Work created at LAYER, full project can be found here.


Visualisation, Art Direction.

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