Adrian Leung


Viture One represents a new era of immersive entertainment. Super-slim, lifestyle-driven smart AR glasses display.

Work created at LAYER, full project can be found here.

LAYER designed and engineered the Viture One smart glasses from concept through to design for manufacture, including, prototyping, CMF development, and cost-reduction strategies. The multi-award winning project supported successful Kickstarter and fundraising campaigns to raise over $15 million.

Industrial Design, Research, Strategy, 3D Modelling, Visualisation.

Immersive Entertainment

The super-slim, lifestyle-driven smart glasses display a 120-inch virtual screen in front of the user via the lenses of the eyewear, allowing them to stream media and game discreetly anywhere without the need for bulky physical screens such as televisions, laptops, tablets or mobile devices.

The eyewear packs the necessary components into the slim frame as discreetly as possible, taking design cues from the world of fashion, rather than conventional signifiers of high tech products. The result is a next-generation device for full immersion entertainment that blurs the boundaries between fashion and tech.

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